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A couple of /help commands

I've had a lot of people in the server ask stuff which you know if you google it up, but you have to search through a series of pages, and most newbies don't bother doing it, so here's my suggestion:

Make an extra command, a simple text output one, which would give some types of help for newbies, an example:

Quote:Anyone can open wooden doors, if you want a safer house, try putting metal doors.
Quote:Raiding is common in PvP servers, anyone can open your wooden crates, for extra safety, make them out of metal.
Quote:Only LMGs can damage structures, such as walls or doors.m

Quote:You may lose your xp or items, but your credits will always remain -- try saving them for times of need.

And stuff like that, nothing really elaborate or hard, just simple stuff to give newbies a direction to go when they start playing, instead of just wandering aimlessly around the map.
Players who find a goal when they join the server are much more likely to stay in long term.

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