Poll: Add Gyrocopter to the Credit Shop?
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4 22.22%
Yes, 5000 credits

14 77.78%
Yes, 7500 Credits

0 0%
Total 18 vote(s) 100%
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Add Gyrocopter to the Credit Shop?
Should the Gyrocopter be added to the credit shop?
Humming bird is only 3,000 credits. Why would these be more expensive?

It should be worth less than a humming bird.
I'd say yes, the more vehicles the better, but a gyro since it's so small, flimsy and exposed, I'd think around $2000 would be a better price
I also agree that 2000 or maybe even 1500 cause they are do easily destroyed
Gyros can crash into trees and survive, no other flying vehicle can do that
It is also a one seater vs all others that are 4-6.
Mythi, they should be about 1500 or someting like that, trust me, that u crash into tree and it doesnt explode, it wont rlly change the situation, its also 1 seater, no1 would pay 5k for it, lets be honest.
kinda agree, 5000k is a bit much for a single seat non-attack helicopter. Id mostly just buy it to get to a high camping spot and that's it, its too risky to use it to get around, because if a car breaks you can jump out and run away, with a helicopter you have to have an umbrella and even then your target practice
your right its not a nice question .. BUT it will happen unfortunatley.. so i thought i would make a post about it ..just to see what the others here think ...

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