Mythical Rules

# Description
# Description
2 The only objects you can build within 75 meters of enemy bases are wood plates, claymores, small barbed wire (not fences), spikes, and demolition charges
1 No racism, vulgarity, spam, glitching, real life threats, exploiting, or cheating
9 No alternate steam accounts
12 No cross-server stalking
13 No hacking jokes
10 No climbing on trees. You can build around trees, but not on them
15 No spam buying vehicles
14 No joke /reports
6 Do not build multiple bases near each other. This causes render-lag
8 No claim flags more than 40 meters from your base
7 No building in or around enemy bases as a means to grief them or cause them to spend time clearing grief
3 No sitting outside enemy bases for longer than 10 minutes without combat or raiding occuring
5 Sentries only allowed on your main base. Base sentries must not be aimed at open ground or water unless 500 meters or more from an item spawn
4 No blocking roads, rivers, airdrops, or quests with structures or barricades
11 No glitched overlapping structures or barricades
16 No buildings more than 20 structures wide