# Command Function
# Command Function
11 /rules Displays the rules of the server
18 /report Report a rule breaker. ex: /report Bob aim-cheat
19 /store Open a store where you can upgrade everything about yourself on Mythical Servers while supporting the community as well!
4 /kits Check available kits. More kits can be purchased with command /store or at
5 /kit Spawn a kit of items or vehicle. Usage: /kit KitName
6 /vault Opens personal storage that isn't lost on death. Can purchase more vaults with /store
31 /balance Check how many credits you have
22 /cost Check buy and sell prices for items. Usage: /cost "Item Name" or /cost v "Vehicle Name"
2 /buy Buy items or vehicles with credits. Check /prices or /cost first. Usage: /buy "Item Name" or /buy v.VehicleID
3 /sbox Place items in this box to sell them
21 /prices Check buy and sell credit prices for all items in one table
25 /stats Check your stats with /stats or other people's stats with /stats name
23 /pay Give someone else your credits. Usage: /pay RecievingPlayerName AmountofCredits
26 /discord Join the Mythical Discord Server!
12 /tpa Request a teleport to another player. These have a cooldown. Usage: /tpa PlayerName
13 /tpa a Accept incoming teleport request
14 /tpa d Deny an incoming teleport request
15 /tpa c Cancel a teleport request you sent to someone else
24 /home Teleports you to a claimed bed after a delay. Shorten cooldown with /store
16 /vote Opens vote webpage where you can easily vote by signing into steam. Use /reward to claim your prize
17 /reward Claims a prize after you finishing voting with /vote
30 /itemids Check the ID numbers for items and vehicles
29 /news Mythical Home Page where important info is posted, such as server reset dates
1 /commands Opens this page in your steam overlay
20 /wiki Opens wiki for Unturned
10 /ignore Block a player's text chat. /ignore ToxicAndy /unignore ToxicAndy
27 /sbalance Hide/show toggle for balance UconomyUI
28 /vaults Check available vaults
9 /cbl all Check your build limit
32 /gcbl all Check your group's structure limit
7 /boxes Check your available boxes
8 /unbox Opens one of your boxes. Ex: /unbox common
32 /sgcbl all Check your steam group's structure limit